Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Newbie Homemaker

In my previous post, I mentioned that I'm having difficulty being a homemaker because I grew up having helpers do things for me. I have been disappointing my husband several times now in this department. I hate it when I disappoint people so I decided it was time to work on my homemaker skills!

I didn't blog last week since I want to focus on improving myself as a homemaker. At first, I didn't know where to start! I kept on walking around our humble condo unit to check on things that I can improve on. Finally I came up with 3 projects.

1- Fix that messy living room corner

With all of Yanna's toys and stuff, it's really hard to organize our home. We lack storage space and so some of Yanna's stuff (toys, mats, balloons, etc.) have been sitting in the corner of our living room for quite some time now. I cringe whenever I see that corner! I didn't like it but I was too lazy to think of a solution. Now it's a different story. Take a look! :)

Before: See that messy little corner?

After: Now our family photo is on the wall. This lamp was a wedding gift from my sister & brother-in-law but was only used now.

2- Change but be resourceful

Again, due to limited space, we had to place our little altar on top of a small bookshelf. Hubby had this bookshelf in his apartment before we were married. It serves its purpose but it doesn't match our home's color scheme (the rest of the cabinets are dark brown). I didn't want to buy a new one just because I don't like its color. Good thing my sister sold their furniture (they're moving to the States) and I immediately bought their dark brown shelf for only 250!!! What a bargain!!!

I transferred the altar and the books to the (almost) new shelf and placed the old one in the other room for extra storage for Yanna's stuff (originally from the living room corner in Project #1). I'm so happy with this! Hitting two birds with one stone!

The old bookshelf behind Yanna

The new bookshelf (I forgot to take a photo w/ the altar!)

3- Add a Christmas touch!

I wonder why putting up a Christmas Tree is a woman's task. My mom did it every year. I did it every year since we were married but I'm not complaining :) I love doing it! I want to make Yanna's Christmas a happy one. We didn't buy new tree ornaments but I feel as if the tree is prettier this year! We only bought a stocking for Yanna and a Christmas tree skirt. Yanna's face lit up when she saw the Christmas tree with the lights on :)

I'm still looking for the perfect star or angel for the tree's top...

I think I did a good job! I know these are small projects compared to some of the expert homemakers but it is a good start. I need to practice and get ready before we get our dream house. Soon? I hope so!

I'll do everything to make my husband and little Yanna happy :)

Happy Yanna :)

Watch out for more newbie homemaker posts! :)

Mommy May

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