Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Short Vacation Trip with Yanna (Part 1)

The last time I visited the cemetery was 2008. Working for a BPO and shared services companies, I had to work even during All Saints Day. Pathetic, right? Now that I'm a full-time mom, it's just right that I give time to pay my respect to my departed grandparents. Well, actually, there's more to that!

My mom and sister were asking if I will join them to visit the cemetery. At first, I declined because the cemetery is in Nasugbu, Batangas. Hubby cannot join because he has work. I have no transportation. If  I'm going to travel with Yanna's yaya, we won't fit in my sister's car. So I decided not to join them again this year. Maybe next year, when Yanna's already two.

That same day at home, Yanna and I were watching her favorite DVD "Things That Go Counting" while Yaya was in her room ironing some clothes. We were happily singing and dancing along the songs. Yanna loves fidgeting with the remote so I hid it under a blanket behind me. Two minutes after that, the DVD ended so Yanna was looking for the remote. Knowing that I hid it well, I was so confident that she won't find it until I saw her face lit up. I followed her gaze and lo and behold! The remote was sitting on top of the blanket!!! I was so stunned for a minute! How did this happen? What's going on??? I swear I hid it under the blanket! I double checked when I did that!!!

Then I remembered my mom's text after I said I won't be joining them: "Okay. Just light a candle para di sila magtampo". Uh-oh! Okay, okay, I'm going!!!

I immediately texted my sister that I will be joining them overnight. But how about Yanna? I don't want to leave her especially since we're still breastfeeding. Oh well, I decided to take Yanna with me --- without hubby (He has work!) and without yaya (No space for her in the car.). Uh-oh! First time to go on a trip without yaya or hubby. Well good luck to me!

In my past post, I wrote about Yanna being very shy/clingy. She only wants ME all the time. So before the trip, I have prepared myself for the tiring tasks. I'm sure even with her grandparents, tito and ninang around, she'll only want to go with me. I keep telling myself: You can do this May! This is a test of how good a mom you are! Well, I was up to the challenge. Bring it on!!!

The day of the trip came. The travel by car was fine since my sister's car has "Things That Go Counting" DVD playing on the car TV. Yanna was well-behaved. She even dozed off by herself. Aaahhh so far so good, Mommy May!

 Before the trip

We had lunch at Kainan Sa Dalampasigan, owned by one of our wedding ninangs. The place is so beautiful!!! If ever you're in Nasugbu, do try their delicious food especially their halo-halo!

Yanna and Chloe had fun running (walking in Yanna's case) around the place. It's so nice to see Yanna having fun with her cousin.

Yanna bonding with her cousin Chloe

As predicted, Yanna won't let me out of her sight. She cried when she realized that I'm gone (I need to eat for heaven's sake!) and realized that it's grandma holding her hand. I wasn't able to eat well. Poor me! Just when the shrimps are so good!!!

Here's a photo of a tired mommy :p

The good thing about this whole situation is that I had the chance to be babied again by my mom. Hihi! She had to feed me while I carry Yanna. It was so funny! Three generations... motherly love being passed on.

What a sight! LOL!

We visited the cemetery late afternoon. We forgot that the sun sets earlier nowadays and before we knew it, it was pitch black! We went there Oct 31 so there were only a few people there and very few lamp posts. Kinda spooky! After saying our prayers, we went back to the resort and rested.

For Day 1, it was a good day overall. Bedtime went well except for her crying fit while I took a shower. She even threw up because she was crying so hard. No one was able to console her, until she saw me got out of the bathroom. Sigh!

But this day was fun! A little tiring but nothing I can't handle.

Not bad, Mommy May! Not bad at all! :)

Mommy May


  1. Hangkyut talaga ni Yanna! Pakurot! hihi. Kaya mo yan May! ako din since infancy ni Maia pag out of town trips halos wala din ako help pero na survive naman. Motto ko na lang: if it doesn't kill me, then it will toughen me up! Totoo nga! wehe. Tsaka masarap talaga ma experience mag alaga first hand. :D

    1. So true Faye! Although it was a challenge, the joy of surviving the 1st day was tremendous! Feeling ko naka level up na ko as a mom. LOL!

  2. I can SO relate to the clingyness. For the past several weeks, Ziggy has been extra clingy and wants only me too. He panics every time I'm out of his sight, yes, even when I'm taking the shower as well. Before, he calms down when his dad is around, but now even he can't calm Ziggy down. Maybe it's just a phase. Hehe! Part of me is glad for it because he loves me so much but it's frustrating too sometimes. I also feel a little bad for Jon, who I'm sure feels a little jealous even though he doesn't say it. Haha!

    1. Sometimes I wonder why Yanna is still clingy eh I'm always with her. Ayaw magsawa hehe. But of course hubby always reminds me to be thankful for it. Tiring lang minsan so I have to keep reminding myself that I'm lucky she loves me that much! :)

  3. I remember I've been to Kainan Sa Dalampasigan because of Rad! The food there is superb but I had the scariest experience at their house. May mumu. Yay! Don't tell. Hihi!


    1. You know Rad pala! Small world! Haha! Nice their house. The whole compound actually is beautiful! :)

  4. Good job May! Apart from the clinginess which is normal, it seems Yanna isn't difficult to handle. So cute!!!


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