Monday, November 19, 2012

Goodbye Fussy Eater!

I love food! I eat lots of food! I have a very good reason to eat a lot: Breastfeeding. My husband laughs whenever I use this excuse but really, breastfeeding moms get hungry (famished is the correct word!) fast!

I get so happy when I eat good food so imagine my frustration when Yanna refuses to eat the yummy meals we serve her. At 11 months, she still preferred the pureed baby food when she should be eating more textured food as advised by her pedia.

Well I am partly guilty. You see when I was still a working mom, I didn't have time to think of her meals. We relied too much on her organic baby food jar ( Earth's Best from Healthy Options). She loves those and it was always a happy mealtime back then.

I felt dumb when her pedia told me that Yanna should already be eating regular food like rice, fish, chicken, etc. So when we went home, we served her porridge. Just one taste and cue the waterworks. She hated it.

It was the same drama for a month. I've exhausted all techniques - sweet talking her into eating...pretending to be a baby who eats her food...playing the old airplane style, etc. It's frustrating but how can I get mad with this silly little girl?

She made her toys "eat" her food then grinned at me!

She'll get used to it. I often remind myself. Then one day, it just happened!

Yanna started eating without a fuss :)

Now she eats anything we serve her and I'm so happy that she's a healthy eater. She loves her veggies, my broccoli & cheese soup, my own version of cheesy tilapia & pasta. I love modifying dishes that will suit her!

Eating pancit and mangoes on her 14th month birthday :)

If our problem before is how to make her eat, now it's how to stop her. She imitates us. She eats what she sees that we eat. So goodbye unhealthy food! Or maybe just eat in secrecy. Lol!

My lesson learned here is to be patient. Little kids will learn everything at their own pace. I'm such a worrier so I need to constantly remind myself that Yanna will grow up just fine :)

Mommy May

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  1. Hahaha! Yanna is a cute mess in the first pic! :)


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