Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How Not To Go Crazy

When Yanna was still a baby, it took me several months to really get the hang of it. Breastfeeding, changing diapers, soothing a crying baby and putting her to sleep --- physically and emotionally draining! I had to try different techniques to make life easier but just when I figured it all out, she's not a baby anymore!

I'm starting to miss those baby days. This is Yanna at 3 months :)

Now enter toddlerhood. It's a whole new story again! Yanna's smarter, more active but still clings to me like glue. She now demands more from me and she has the right to do so. Toddlerhood can sometimes be very scary for the little ones because they're stuck in the middle --- they want to gain more independence but at the same time, they still need us.

The newbie toddler :)

There were lots of times when I just want to scream!!!

When Yanna's making such a mess when eating or when she refuses to eat...

When I feel immobilized because she breastfeeds so many times in a day (I don't think she's hungry. More on getting comfort from me.)...

When all I can watch are baby DVDs (I've memorized the songs!)

And when she cries whenever I just need to go to the bathroom.

She can sometimes drive me insane! How can such a small person do that to me? I love her to bits but sometimes a mom just really needs a break. But we moms know that sometimes that's not possible so the best thing we can do is control ourselves since those little people can always argue that they're innocent. ( I miss being a kid! )

To save me from being a mad, crazy mom, these are the things I do.

1- I take a very deep breath! I don't want to show her that I'm mad since usually it's not her fault. It's my fault for losing my patience. Maybe it was just a tiring day for me.

2- Kiss and hug. I may be really frustrated but I manage to still kiss and hug her. Touch has its calming effect. Yanna often smiles when I do this. She knows I'm a softy whenever she smiles.

3- I ask for help. When Steps 1 & 2 won't work, I ask for help either from hubby or yaya. I leave Yanna with them and isolate myself in another room until I am calm. Sometimes I just need a short break. During isolation, I begin to miss Yanna and then I forget why I'm mad in the first place.

I've read from books that it is normal to feel this way. Thank God, I'm still normal! With the high expectations that moms place on themselves, it's no wonder why moms sometimes get easily frustrated. Others even break down. Every mom has her own way of coping with the frustration and these three steps proved to be helpful to me.

As I'm writing this now, Yanna is throwing a fit again. Now time to do Step 1 :)

How about you mommies? What do you do to stay sane? Do share! :)

Mommy May


  1. hey May! haha i'm one of those moms who break down. kelangan ko i-release yung frustration eh. otherwise i'd really snap. i also wore Maia till she was around 30 months. kaya pag pagod na braso, i take my ever reliable ring sling out. parang training na lang ang infancy and toddler years to prepare us for the bumpier days ahead pa school aged na. (goodluck na lang pag nag teen ager na sila! lolz)

    1. Wow! 30 months! Buti she loves baby wearing. I didn't try it eh. Maybe next baby :)
      Thanks for proving that I'm not a bad mom! Good luck talaga haha! :)

  2. Normally, I hand over Ziggy to his dad and I lock myself in the bathroom and take shower. But since Ziggy is so clingy lately that I also can't take a shower in peace, I had to find another way to calm down. I discovered that Ziggy calms down faster when I sing. He loves it when I sing. He claps his hands and yells "Yey!". Haha! What can I say, he's my number 1 fan!:)

    1. Yanna loves it when I sing too! She gets bored in the car and gets cranky but once I start singing, she calms down :)


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