Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy, Busy Saturday!!!

Last Saturday was a very busy day for us. I attended the WAHMderful Life Workshop by Martine de Luna of which tackled life as work-at-home moms. It was very informational and I had fun meeting other moms and learning new things. It was such a wonderful experience being surrounded by fellow moms who are able to juggle their home-based jobs while taking care of their kids. I am wondering if I could do that too. Like what I wrote in my past post, it's not easy to be a full-time mom. What more if you are a work-at-home mom??? I admire these successful WAHMs because even as I write this, I am still not convinced that I can be one. Anyway, at least I got a glimpse of their lives.

While in the workshop, I couldn't help but wonder how Yanna and hubby are doing at the Rockwell Tent for Yanna's 1st Trick or Treat gig. It's her first time and I was not there so I asked hubby to take lots of photos. I was kinda worried of the photos because I know hubby will have a hard time since he will be carrying Yanna around while yaya takes blurry photos! To my surprise, they came up with the cutest photos of Yanna! Here are some photos of our Glam Rock Girl :)

Hubby said Yanna had so much fun! And that made me so happy too! She's becoming more sociable nowadays.

After their Rockwell gig, they fetched me from the workshop and we went to Fairview for another Trick or Treat event at a cousin's house. Nothing beats time spent with relatives. We had fun going around scary houses and getting loots. This time Yanna was a Fairy Princess and she was very cooperative with her costume. Another hurray for mommy! Here's a photo of Yanna with her cousins and new friends :)

After all the Trick or Treat events, our problem now is how to eat all the candies we got!!!

So that was our very busy Saturday. I'm sure everyone had a blast with their kids' Trick or Treat. How about you? How was your Saturday? :)

Mommy May


  1. So cute! I like her polka dotted tutu skirt :)

    1. Thanks Beej! It was her birthday tutu and good thing she was able to wear it again :)


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