Monday, October 22, 2012

Project Shy-No-More

Yanna has stranger anxiety. She often cries whenever strangers or even her lolos and lolas come near her. She doesn't see her lolos and lolas often since we live far from them and so they are strangers to her. It's hard for the grandparents because they are very excited to see her but she won't come near them. Wawa naman the lolos and lolas!

I keep hearing relatives say-- "Di kasi exposed", "Ilabas nyo kasi", "ay suplada" which are all not true!!! We go out every weekends to the parks, malls, playgrounds to widen her horizon but she still is scared of other people. The only people she likes: Me, hubby and yaya. She's such a pilya and happy girl with us but suddenly becomes shy around others. I sometimes feel bad whenever I hear comments like that. Defense mode on!!! I never thought that I will be defending my daughter this early!!!

Some people say it comes with age and that I agree on. I hate it when people compare kids. Kids are very different from each other. It kinda hurts me when my Yanna is being compared to her "very friendly and accommodating" cousins. Kids have different temperaments, you know?

So hubby and I thought of bringing Yanna out more, especially now that I'm always available to take her out. So last week, we were out everyday. We went to the mall & BGC, visited my family side, had dinner out with hubby's side and went to a birthday party of a relative. I'm happy to see a big improvement on Yanna. She doesn't cry anymore! She even let one of her lolas carry her while she kissed the other. She happily walked even in crowded places and smiled a lot with strangers.

Here are photos of Yanna's week :)

 with Yanna at Jamba Juice

 Free dessert at Texas Roadhouse c/o store manager just because she was able to carry Yanna! One of the many perks of having a cute baby!

 Happily playing with cousin

 Dinner out with hubby's side

 Enjoying her cousin's birthday party :)

She loved sitting on the slide

She needs to go out everyday lang pala. She even understands the word "pasyal" now. She often points at the door and says "Puh"! I wonder where she got that lakwachera trait from? Hmmm... Oh! From Mommy of course! :)

Was your kid this shy too? Please do share on how you dealt with it :)

Mommy May


  1. hey May! Maia is super shy too (although di naman surprising kasi kilala mo naman ang ama nya.hehe). Even now na nagsu school na yan ang unang observation ni teacher. The pedia tells us she was probably born with that temperament and we should be seeing improvements now that she's a preschooler and so far, so good naman. I'm sure Yanna will get over the shyness. And you're doing a great job exposing her daily :D

    1. Thanks for sharing, Faye! I agree that it's the temperament. Hindi sayo nagmana si Maia hihi!


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