Monday, October 15, 2012

Yanna's fave place: Bonifacio High Street

Today we started early with our weekly family bonding. Hubby and I decided to take Yanna to the Terra 28 Park in BGC for her to practice walking. The park is beautiful but really hot! I wish they can put more trees in it. Wawa naman the kids who were playing. I recommend to go here late afternoon or night to avoid the heat! Yanna didn't want to walk around this time. I guess she feels the heat and knowing her, she loves cool places. Imagine: Every night in our airconditioned room, while hubby and I are freezing, Yanna sleeps contently and refuses to use the blanket!

                                                          See how hot it was???

Sensing her discomfort, we took her to her favorite place: Bonifacio High Street's ampitheater. When we got there, she got soooo excited and started walking and climbing up and down the stairs. Gosh! I got tired and sweaty!!! She still wants us to hold her while she walks since she's not yet very confident that she can already walk by herself. It was great exercise by the way. Who needs the gym if you have a toddler climbing up and down the stairs with you haha!

Of course the parents got tired! We went to Jamba Juice for some refreshments. We ordered her a smoothie. One sip of her smoothie and she gave us a very sour face. Unfortunately we weren't able to capture it in photos because we were laughing about it. She still looks cute though :)

I ended up drinking Yanna's smoothie. Although she didn't enjoy the drink, she did enjoy walking all over the store and dancing to the store's music. Hmmmm I think I see a future gimikera! Dancing to the tune of Good Girls Go Bad??!! Oh no!!!

The store also has a photobooth and hubby and Yanna tried it out (minus Mommy, hmp!). The photo will be sent to the hubby's email. Very creative of Jamba Juice!

So that was our Saturday morning. Laid-back but tiring at the same time! LOL!

Mommy May


  1. We love Terra 28 too! :D Yeah it can get really hot there so we go around 4pm onwards. Amazing how we haven't bumped into each other there yet. Haha!

    1. It was our first time! We usually go to the fountains coz Yanna loves climbing up & down the stairs there :)


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