Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Reminiscing

Sigh! How time flies! It was just like yesterday when I first saw my sweet little baby and the very wide grin on my hubby's face. The Firsts are the most amazing and at the same time nerve wracking moments! Let me share some of the photos of these Firsts :)

YANNA'S FIRST CRY: A very long ear-pinching cry haha! I will create a separate blog about her birth. So many things to share :)

FIRST FAMILY PHOTO: Aaaawwwhhh! I have long waited for this moment! It wasn't actually what I envisioned it to be since I was so groggy with the drugs. It was a blur!!! I remember seeing her, kissing her, breastfeeding her and then I was knocked out! I couldn't remember this photo being taken but yet I was smiling in it haha!

FIRST BREASTFEEDING EXPERIENCE: Gosh it wasn't easy! Yanna's latching was poor and so I got sore nipples to the point that I cried everytime I feed her. I was about to give up (which my mom supported since she didn't breastfeed any of us anyway) but hubby was very persistent that I continue breastfeeding! I really want to give the best for my baby and so I carried on...crying in pain while she feeds. That's when I realized how amazing a mom's body is because our bodies adjust to the baby's needs. Suddenly, breastfeeding isn't that painful anymore and I'm so blessed to have great supply of milk. I'm proud to say that until now that she's 13 months old, she's still drinking my milk (no formula ever). Thank God for this and I am still able to donate some milk to the sick babies thru UP-PGH :)

FIRST FAMILY CHRISTMAS: Yanna's 3 months old then. She's so chubby and cute :)

YANNA'S FIRST TRIP TO THE MALL: We took her to Powerplant Mall. This is also a memorable moment because this was the first time she behaved and slept on her stroller. Hurray for Mommy's rested arms! :)

Whew! There are so may photos of her and so many firsts! If I put them all here, I might not finish today haha! Oh well, I'll just blog about them next time :)

Mommy May

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