Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Little Genius

I am amazed at how Yanna learns so quickly! She has at least one surprise for me each day - One or two more words added to her vocabulary, new dance moves, new song... But what really amazes me is that she already knows how to count 1 to 20 and say her A to Z at exactly 16 months!

I have underestimated her intelligence! Just a short history - at 15 months, she only knows the number 10. Then 2 weeks after, she knows numbers 9 and 10. After 3 days, she started counting 1 to 10 but with some few misses here and there. Another 3 days and she can count backwards from 10 to 1! Then 2 days after, it was A to Z! Amazing!

Here's a video of her counting backwards :)

I thought that was already the best she's got. Hubby and I were joking her grandma that she can already count to 20. Oh my! Little did we know that she already can! One day after she turned 16 months, I was jumping with joy when she suddenly counted to 20 plus she recited A to Z with ease!

What have we done to help her learn these things at an early age?

1- Make learning fun! When Yanna was still a baby, we make it a point to let her listen to us counting. We count her toes, fingers repetitively. When she was starting to walk, we count her steps and the stairs. We count anything that we think fancies her interest. For the alphabet, we point at letters from posters, books, even the taxi's plate number painted at the taxi door.

2- Read! Read! Read! We bought her books with numbers and the alphabet, and even flash cards. It is a good thing that she really loves reading so we had no problem in this area.

3- Try educational videos. I know there are lots of psychologists saying that letting your kids watch tv or videos is not good. I say it's okay as long as you keep it in moderation and you ensure that what they're watching has good content. Yanna has been watching Brainy Baby Left Brain under our supervision since she was 3 months old. It's important to watch it with them and talk to them about what you're watching to help them learn better. I repeat the words and numbers from the video and saw that Yanna liked watching me say it rather than look at the screen. Some Elmo videos of the alphabet wuth catchy tunes also worked for her.

Baby Yanna concentrating on Brainy Baby

4- Repetition is key! I sometimes find it boring to read the same books and watch the same videos over and over again but what the heck, Yanna loves it! Little did I know that she was actually learning from those repetitions.

So moms and dads, although you feel like punching yourselves for hearing the same songs or reading the same books for the nth time, resist the urge and do your kids a favor. I'm sure your kid will surprise you one of these days!

Now time to count with Yanna again :) Will upload a video of her counting 1 to 20 as soon as I get a good shot of it :)

Mommy May

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